Never Get Any Work Done Again Because Now There’s a 24-Hour Sloth Cam



Live streaming video by Ustream

Sloths have long been second-tier internet darlings, trailing lazily behind corgis and cats. But now they could finally get their true moment in the spotlight. If they want it, that is.

The adorable mammals are coming to Animal Planet on Nov. 9 as part of an eight-part series called “Meet the Sloths.” But in the meantime, there’s also a 24/7 sloth cam, broadcasted live from the Atlanta Zoo, which you can enjoy above. As Animal Planet explains: “Watch life in slow motion with Hoffman’s two-toed sloth Cocoa and his lady friends Okra and Bonnie. It’s all the drama without the heart-stopping speed.”

And indeed, if you hope to catch these guys doing something cute, be prepared to camp out for a while, because they are in no rush whatsoever.

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