Dear Blog,

It’s far too late to be friends. I’m sitting here thinking about 1 million things I could do to retaliate against those that wish danger on my entire ethnicity. A civil war is needed in America. There is very little respect being shown here in New York. I’m not sure if its always been like this, but I can’t allow this to continue any longer. My life should be easier than breathing. Why is it that I feel hatred when I’m wearing a suit? I’m not interested in what you have. I’m a Man and I believe in working for everything that I want- I shouldn’t have any problems obtaining the things that I need. Some Black Girls in New York don’t even wanna be bothered with Brothers anymore. There are so many rumors going around that its unacceptable. I will not allow this. I’m not a fighter, I’m not a killer and I’m not trouble maker, but “the critic” is asking for something He or She cannot handle. These people are your enemies… They are chronologically intellectual, drug abusing, moronic ass holes that can’t be touched because they’re always so far away from your reach. You can’t even argue with these kind of people because they’ll reverse everything you say. What are your options? How can you hurt this person? is the question you should be asking yourself. Will they stop, can they stop, how can you avoid them. I think it’s time for segregation. These are the same individuals that are trying to make your life harder. This nonsense should be illegal, but these people are so fast that its nearly impossible to get anything resolved. This country needs to be divided. If this doesn’t make sense now, one day it will. Racism will never end unless we as colored people seclude ourselves from it, entirely. We can build everything we need to make life beautiful. The truth is…  Your life should be amazing. So many things we’re taken from you and the people that have enough power to get it back are the ones involved with taking it away. Violence is not the answer, segregation is. There is a way to separate ourselves from the very individuals that don’t even want us here. It would take another generation or so, but segregation would allow us as an ethnic group to advance our culture for the next level. The BIG picture is what matters. We can create an organized system that works for every Black person in America. A strategy that would prepare us for the NEW challenges we have to face. Trust me, Mr. Greed just got greedier. Don’t be a victim of starvation.