Inside a Cheater’s Mind and Other Fascinating News on the Web



  1. What Makes Us Cheat

    Why are you going to cheat? If you look at a series of studies on the topic, it’s clear that there are many factors that can push you over the edge — from messy surroundings, to a certainty that there’s enough to go around, to a belief that your actions are a result of genes or the environment. Even the way you’re standing could suggest a greater likelihood that you’re about to cheat. From The New Yorker’s Maria Konnikova, here’s a look inside the cheater’s mind.

  2. Shooting at LAX

    Flights have been grounded at LAX following reports of an in-terminal shooting that left one TSA worker dead and one in critical condition. Early reports suggest that one TSA agent killed a fellow employee before being shot by authorities. Here are live updates from the LA Times.

  3. Weekend Reads

    “A handful of health experts are now…

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