Algebra Blessett.

She walks on stage with a mysterious surprise that I didn’t even notice. One second they were getting ready for her to come on stage and then I looked away and she was already sitting in her seat. Her first response was that she loves a challenge. I think all women should possess that sense of patience. Immediately I already knew this Woman takes her time to perfect her craft. Which immediately made me eager to hear her perform live. She agrees that things can become monotonous at times, but she keeps going. Her newest album Recovery expresses a lot of positive emotion along with real life feelings in each song which separates her from the average Jane who just writes unmatched lyrics. With her newest Album, which she took a while to release expresses her vulnerable side and sounds awesome. In the process of creating the album, She became an Aunt for the first time and was incredibly excited to write new material. Blessett admits that while she was younger she wanted to be a showgirl and performed at her Church as a Gospel Singer. She tells a story about her going to the studio one night with her label mate, but all of the recording suites were closed. My question was why? Before I could think of a reason, she says, The legendary Madonna shut down the whole entire studio to record her newest material. There are Billions of people who would donate blood just to be in the same room as Madonna, but Algebra did more than just stand next to Madonna, she ended up doing cartwheels with her in the studio. Talk about phenomenal memories. Her newest single which I think is magnificent for a really clean and refreshing day is titled “Right Next To You”   Enjoy.