An Amtrak Conductor was driving a train at 150 MPH when the speed limit was 50 MPH. Dr. Derrick Griffith was on that train. He was the acting dean of student affairs at Medgar Evers College in New York and a few days away from the greatest accomplishment of his life… Receiving his Doctorate degree. I’ve come to the conclusion that there may be something unusual going on with reality and history in general. I’m not sure who my readers are, but the strangest things are happening & there’s no explanation for it. When an African American Man goes to jail for killing a Police officer that’s practical. When a Police officer get away with murder that’s practical, but when an African American Man is killed days before receiving his Doctorate degree that’s peculiar. Amtrak Conductors have set schedules. They know how long they’re supposed to work and there’s no rush to get home. They shouldn’t have any contact with the outside world while driving a train. Most importantly, speed limits shouldn’t be ignored. You just don’t hire someone to drive a train! There’s something supernatural going on. This was planned! 😳