Note to self: It’s Human nature to think otherwise. That’s why I’m important! My job is to show you what your supposed to be focused on. If you remove everything from Earth, except for People, Air, Water and Trees how do you start over? Is there a blueprint to help us get back to how convenient life is as of today? Television, Internet, Cellphones and Plastic bags? I could imagine someone asking why do I even care to think this way or to help Humans think this way & my response is simple I care. I don’t know why, but I actually do. Great Ideas start from scratch. You don’t just come out of your Mother or Father’s stomach 😂with an invention. There are certain things that lead up to great ideas. I may inspire a great idea with my perspective.

When you wake up each morning your focus should be on the fact that everything around was a simple thought. Do you know how insane you would look talking about free wi-if to a Cave Man? Very. ⭐️It’s always been a process⭐️ The other day I thought to myself how awesome would it be to have one of Steve Jobs syllabus from College. How cool would it be to re-live/experience his entire life from start to finish? That’s a complicated thought. We are all individuals, but the Human Brain is quite interesting. How would you build an Apple Computer? Chances are you…..