Maybe it’s just my life-but I noticed being treated unfairly in New York over 2,000 times a year. it’s okay because I’m donating blood tomorrow. 💎⭐️⭐️😄

  Is it just me or do you notice how much the people around you make mistakes that include you. For example: I’m waiting in line for the restroom and two White Women decide to skip the line. Huh? If that’s not a good example, here’s another People always ask me if I work for a particular company when I’m obviously a customer. I could be wearing a rain jacket with slippers and People I’ve never met ask me for information, directions and prices. Leave me alone. Why am I the butt of everyone’s joke? In New York, I’m always the victim of Human jealousy, competitiveness & whatever else goes against being black. Alright, I understand that Black Men have tons of things to be inspired by, but when you’re out of jokes and need someone to pick on it shouldn’t be based on color. People shouldn’t keep playing with my time or emotions. I’m simply going to walk away, because I’m just trying to be great like Michael Jackson and Barack Obama. I shouldn’t even have to prove myself after Kobe Bryant, Denzel Washington, Sean Carter, James Brown and all the other Black Men that have used their talents to build wealth. 😄. I could name 100 Black Men in less than a minute that are legendary. Go pick on them.😄😂