I knew a girl named Qui. When I first laid eyes on Her I knew she was the one. I didn’t know how I was going to make enough money to maintain her love, but it was magnificent just knowing that if I were rich she would be the love of my life; I think. I would live in a really wonderful penthouse if I were and I’d definitely fly her out to New York every week just to have lunch with Her. It’s about understanding stability and maintaining a healthy life. Right? Hey Qui, I think I’m in love with you. Unfortunately, I’m dead. 😄😇

Hey, I’m back! Well not from the dead. I just want to tell you that I enjoyed the thought of committing suicide and being incredibly friendly to everyone. I fooled the world into believing they were hurting me, while they were actually helping me commit suicide. If you didn’t get a copy of my book titled “The Book I Wrote Before Committing Suicide” please be sure to come back to my blog on New Years Day 2017 at 12 AM. I also have a few videos of my life releasing. This is so awesome. Thanks for visiting. I promise I’m only getting started. 😇

Happy Birthday Uncle Larry. 😇

Tell everybody that I love them. 😄 Don’t look at this as a bad thing Bro. My life was only getting worse & worse. I miss you guys. Tell Laila and Niles that I miss them. Hi Aunt Nikki. ♻️